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It's never too late for LOVE.

I help experienced, mature women like you manifest a LOVE life beyond your wildest dreams!


Make your SEX, LOVE & SOUL feel better in just 30 minutes per week. 

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My story

Transitioning from an intense career in high-end sex work to the more serene realms of spiritual development, I uncovered profound insights into sex, love, and healing...

Get Your Sexy Back!
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Vicki T, FL 

Mary helped me to create a deeper relationship with a deeper desire to connect physically, spiritually & emotionally to the man of my dreams! I'm living the life of a truly connected relationship because of her and her wisdom!

Andrea N, NY

Although I’m a very sexually experienced, confident woman, Mary helped me better understand and deepen my emotional and sexual connection with my fiancé.  Her depth of knowledge and understanding of sexuality and communications between men and women seems to be limitless. I highly recommend her as a coach!

Lisa K, TX

After just one session with Mary, I was able to get back on track with my weight loss program. I first reached out to her to talk about issues with my husband and I started talking to her about how I’d been getting big.  She gently guided me through a pretty easy process that felt really good and I was able to start releasing the weight.
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